Just What If…

How many times have you wanted to go for something or do something or say something, but haven’t? Not because you are lazy, but because you are caught up in that situation of thinking of ‘What if’? What if is a tricky little bugger who often sneaks into your life, totally unexpected and starts throwing scenarios at you left right and centre, leaving you often in a state of doubt and confusion. 

What If likes to poke its head into all different types of situations such as:

 The pause just before pressing send on that email or text, saying: “what if…” 

When we try to step out of the box with a new hair style but just before we tell the hair dresser we hear “what if…” 

Now What If is not necessarily a bad person. Sometimes we need to pause and have a think before we do something, especially if it is on the spur of the moment and can not be easily taken back. 

However What if has a way of holding us back from living the life we desire and deserve. When we are given so many “what if” options when taking a step forward, this can overwhelm us and stop us in our tracks. And let be honest, most of the “what if” scenarios are so often fear based. With 90% of the possibilities that come with a “what if” being fear based, that is a lot of opportunities we are missing out on. 

But lets have a quick look at FEAR. 

Fear has many meanings to different people. My 2 favourite meanings are: 


FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real 


FEAR – Face Everything And Rise 


When given these definitions of fear, and faced with a “what if” situation, it can bring a new way of looking at your options. 

For me personally, when I am faced with a fear based “what if” situation (that doesn’t involved possibilities of being eaten by a lion or a high probability of falling off an unstable cliff), I have one simple little trick I use to help me push through the confusion. 

I focus in on my heart space. 


In our true heart space, fear cannot get in, so it does not have any power here. This is the place I like to connect into when I am faced with a “what if” situation. I let myself pause and see how I feel about the situation from a heart space. I listen into my intuition and go from here. The more I trust my intuition, the more this helps me to move past the “what if” situation with love, light, ease and grace. 



So next time you find  What If  poking its way into your life, stop and drop into your heart space, and listen to your  Intuitions  honest opinion of the situation, not from a space of  Fear but Love




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