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What is the Law of Attraction? In a nutshell the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts you will bring positive or negative experiences into your life. So pretty much, what you focus on, you will bring more of [...]
Is it time to Change How You Are Jealous and Embrace your Awesome?  The time has come in your life to Embrace your Awesome. Time let go of those limiting self sabotaging beliefs and thoughts that are stopping you from seeing and embracing your true [...]
A Gratitude Practice….  Such a power tool to have in your tool box. It has the ability to transform your life and open up your heart and eyes to all the Love and Blessings around us.  If you are feeling a little lost in your Gratitude [...]
Feeling a little lost as to what to feel grateful for this week or just need some general inspiration? Well have no fear – the Gratitude Butterfly is here! Below is this weeks top 10 things to show your thanks for. ♥ #beautifullygrateful Change – [...]
All around us these days we are assaulted by negativity. It is thrown at us through the TV, Magazines, Billboards, Internet, Social Media, Verbally, Gossip, etc. There is negative energy that floats around and gets stuck in our own energy fields and there [...]