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Being Grounded  In our modern society it can be hard to be grounded and centred. Our days are a mixture of technology, frantic energies of the busy city or shopping [...]
How many times have you wanted to go for something or do something or say something, but haven’t? Not because you are lazy, but because you are caught up in that situation of [...]
Feeling a little lost as to what to feel grateful for this week or just need some general inspiration? Well have no fear – the Gratitude Butterfly is here! Below is [...]
Do you find you are more a ‘glass is half empty’ type of person? Do you find that when you catch up with people you spend a lot of time complaining and talking [...]
Are you feeling out of balance with the world around you?  I found that even though I was connecting to my true divine higher self, I was still easily thrown off balance and was [...]