A Reverse Bucket List


One day, you will wake up and there wont be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now!        ~ Paulo Coelho

I am sure you have created a bucket list (or at least have thought about it), but have you ever made a reverse bucket list?  What on earth is a reverse bucket list, you ask; well let me explain. We know that a traditional bucket list is where you write down all you want to see/do/go/experience etc before you, so lovingly  put; ‘Kick the Bucket’. I like to see it as a inspirational check-list of milestones I will achieve before I die. Bucket lists are awesome! If you have not written one, I totally suggest you do one asap! Then when you have done a regular bucket list; you can write your Reverse Bucket List!

A Reverse Bucket List is when you write down what you have already achieved (rather than what you wish to achieve in the future). It is looking at the past and taking time to think back over all the amazing things you have already achieved. When you are writing this list it is a beautiful time to look into your past and be grateful. We are often caught up in planning for the future, that we often forget about all we have already achieved.

When you write your Reverse Bucket List; please do not judge your past! We often look at things and think, ‘nah that isn’t special’, or ‘anyone can do that’. If this is happening to you, stop, take a breath and remind yourself that this list is for you, no one else. All you have done in your past, has helped mold you into the beautiful person you are today; so please do not belittle this. Big or small – all these moments were important to you, and are your milestones in traveling to where you are right now in your life. So let your mind wander back over these adventures, smile and be grateful!

An exert from Em’s – founder of The Gratitude Butterfly –

Reverse Bucket List

  • Working as a teacher at a school in India. (2014)
  • Win 1st place in 4km swimming race (2003)
  • Be my own boss (2015)
  • Get a dog, and call him Timothy (named after the dog from the Famous Five) (2009)
  • Be a big sister (1996)
  • Travel around the world (2010)
  • Fall in love (2009)
  • Heal myself (2010)
  • Buy my own car (2014)
  • Move interstate (2015)
  • Live in the USA (2011-2012)
  • Be able to do 10+ squats in a row (2013)
  • Work on a farm (2014)
  • Do the splits (2003)

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Thanks for sharing this thoughtful and meaningful post! It's a lovely blog you have.

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