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Welcome to the Gratitude Butterfly

The Gratitude Butterfly is a special nook that is open 24/7 for you to come and infuse your Mind, Body and Soul with positive uplifting energy. A place to be inspired to share your Gratitude to the Universe for all the Love, Grace and Beauty around you every day.

Gratitude is such a powerful tool to have in your tool box for life. It is a key game changer in transforming your life from mediocre to truly mind-blowing amazing! Here at the Gratitude Butterfly our mission is to help you know + understand this incredible tool and to help you utilize all the power it contains to create the life you desire.

Our focus here at The Gratitude Butterfly is to live a grateful life in balance and harmony with the world around us everyday. We believe that by living with a grateful heart and mind we are helping to create the Positive Butterfly Effect.  

That one moment of Gratitude has a flow on effect that can ripple on and on, covering all of the earths surface, helping to heal and inspire all in its path.

Here we provide you with the knowledge and tools on how to create the life you truly desire. These tools and wisdom help align you in your true Light and to connect to your WILD SELF. To be connected to the Universe and the Earth in a beautiful balance that not only feels amazing but puts you into your Divine Power to be the best YOU, that you can be! 

Our Goal

Our goal here at the Gratitude Butterfly is to connect to our True Self. We believe that if we work together with the seasons + the earths natural flow, acknowledging that we humans; just like the birds, bees and trees; are part of the world’s ecosystem, that we can reconnect to our natural divine self.

When we all work together, in our roles as the individual and as the collective, we can truly make a long lasting positive change in the world we live in. 


Our Philosophy

Here at the Gratitude Butterfly our philosophy is that ” we are being the change we wish to see”. We walk our talk. Our founder Emma, decided that she no longer wanted to curse the darkness that is spread around the world, but rather step up and make a positive change to spread the Light.

This started by choosing to see the Light within and then help spread this Light in all areas of her life.

Seeing just how much of a positive effort this had in her own life, and others around her, this has become the foundation in creating the Gratitude Butterfly. 

Celebrate Life’s Daily Blessings

Align To Your W I L D  S E L F

Nourish Your Body Inside + Out

Happiness is time spent connecting with nature. To pause and breathe. To smell the roses, listen to the wind in the trees and unhook from the artificial flow, and reconnect into the natural divine flow of the earth.  

~ Em Fitts