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Every day there are so many beautiful souls around our world who are doing beautiful things to make a difference. They are the rays of sunshine, lighting the way and being the change. I came across Be Hers and the A21 Campaign a few years ago and was instantly inspired and grateful by all they do. 

Human trafficking is one of biggest hidden dirty secrets of the modern world. Many people, when they think of slavery, think of Black Slavery…. A very dark time in our history. Now a-days, slavery is much more hidden, mainly through human trafficking, and it does not just effect one race of people, but instead effects people from all around our world, regardless of age, sex, race, colour, country, etc. Human trafficking is used to steal men, women and children and force them into being exploited for manual and sexual labour against their will. Over 27 million people are currently being held in captivity, with someone being taken every 30 seconds.

 When I think about how we have let our world come to be in this situation, I weep. Yet when I hear of people like Be Hers and the A21 campaign, I am so inspired to stand with them and make a change to demolish human trafficking once and for all.

Be Hers 

be hers beautiful souls doing beautiful things

Source: Be Hers

Be Hers was created in Australia, by a group of girlfriends, who were devastated to hear of the size and scope of modern day slavery. Located down in Hobart, Tasmania, Be Hers is…


“A movement of women placing value, inspiring purpose and standing together against human trafficking.”  


Be Hers Woman Beautiful Souls Doing Beautiful things

Source: Be Hers


Be Hers runs events and has an online store from which 100% of the profits go directly towards the fight to abolish the world’s fastest growing criminal industry. Their events, called ‘Be Hers Woman’ are run across Australia, and are about coming together to help each other to have positive impact in all areas of our lives; such as home lives, workplaces, community and to the world beyond.  

Visit Be Hers Website or Facebook to find an event near you! 


Some of the Beautiful Products the Be Hers are selling to help raise awareness and to abolish Human Trafficking. 


The A21 Campaign 

A21 Campaign Beautiful Souls doing beautiful things Be Hers

The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organisation that fuels the new era of Abolitionists, striving every day to end human slavery all around the world. They are based out of 11 offices around the globe, and each of their offices are different in their operations: from reducing vulnerability in refugee camps to protecting and caring for survivors. 


Freedom. That’s our goal for every human being on the planet.


Their Vision: 

“We believe in a world without slavery. For 9 years now, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and set our feet to action. Why? Because in a single moment a number can turn into a name, a tragedy into a victory, and a belief into an action.” 

 Their Mission: 

Abolish slavery everywhere, forever.


“When a lot of people do a little, it adds up and makes a difference.”  

– Christine Caine, A21 Founder



 There are many ways to be involved with this beautiful organisation: With many options available to you. Check them out via their website and lets all help in making the change we wish to see in our world! ♥


~ You may not be able to help save the whole world, but by saving just one, you have helped save their whole world. ~ 


To read more about the Beautiful Souls behind Be Hers and the A21 Campaign, and join the fight to end human slavery once and for all, head to their websites and social media accounts. 

Be Hers





A21 Campaign 





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Reply March 15, 2017

Wow. Such inspiring businesses Em! Thanks for sharing. I have been wanting to get involved in someway in stopping this awful act. I will be heading over to their pages now. Nameste, Penny. x

    The Gratitude Butterfly
    Reply March 15, 2017

    Hi Penny! Oh I am so happy to hear this! Let's be the change together!

    With Love & Gratitude,
    Em xo

      Reply March 23, 2017

      Your site is amazing, Could I have your email?

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