How often do you look in the mirror and think, I wish I could fix/change my legs, or nose or stomach? In our modern world, we are brought up to believe that there is a certain image of beauty that is correct. If we don’t fit this mould, then we must “fix” ourselves until we do.  Not only is this deeply damaging to our body image, but it is teaching us from early age that how we look is never good enough.  These damaging and toxic beliefs are being constantly reinforced by the beauty industry. With their constant messages saying how their products will “fix” us and make us “better”, we are being taught that there is always something wrong with us. This is why I am please to introduce to you all this Beautiful Soul – Bron from Bopo Women

Bopo Women is an beautiful, Luxury skincare that doesn’t treat women as problems to be fixed. In fact is is all about empowering and celebrating you just as you are. Your true natural beauty. With their goal to change the beauty industry from its current: “You need to be fixed” mentality, to an empowering, “You are perfect the way you are” one. By celebrating self love and care into all their products and mission, Bopo Women is the new way-shower in body positive “Bopoisms“. 

I know you are going to be just as inspired as me, so without further ado,

I would love you to meet Bron from Bopo Women! ♥



Beautiful Souls Doing Beautiful Things Presents: 


Tell us a bit about You –

The Beautiful Soul behind Bopo Women.

This is such a simple question and yet such a difficult one to answer. In terms of my work, I am a former law student who has somehow ended up creating a feminist, body positive skincare brand. I’m incredibly passionate about social justice and creating a world that is safe and equal for all people and using my privilege to do this. I’m also a very proud Aquarian, mum to the cutest cavoodle to ever live, a huge lover of long walks and the sea, a coffee devotee, obsessed with the moon and I have a slightly shameful addiction to reality tv.


What was your inspiration for creating Bopo Women?

What is your mission?

My inspiration for creating Bopo Women was my own struggle with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia for many years. I also saw many women who I love deeply, struggle with the same things. For a long time, I thought there was something inherently wrong with me and my body and that if I could just “fix” it, I would be happy and the anxiety and lack of self-worth would disappear. However, over time I started to look outside of me and realised the structural messaging we receive as women from the beauty industry, and many other institutions, about our bodies was deeply destructive. I realised that when I saw my body from the inside out it was absolutely perfect, it had done so much for me and stood by me even when I treated it absolutely awfully. It was only when I saw my body through an external lens, clouded by sexist and oppressive standards, that it didn’t “measure up”.

In my final year of law school, I started to feel like there had to be another way and that the beauty industry needed a real shake up. Bopo Women’s mission is to do exactly that. We are the first skincare brand founded on truly feminist and body positive values. Our products don’t focus on promises to ‘transform’ or ‘fix’. Instead, we use nature’s finest ingredients and essential oils to create products that contain true self-care benefits to relieve stress, improve sleep, lift mood, rejuvenate and empower.

We want our skincare to help women to reconnect with their bodies and come home to themselves.


The beauty industry is always telling us that there is a certain way we must look, in order to be and feel beautiful. Yet this message can be very harmful to young (and old) girls around the world. Not only does this put extreme and often un-attainable expectations onto them, but it is teaching us from a young age, not to love our true individual beauty that we were born with.

What can we do to change this within the beauty industry, and within our own mindset/beliefs as a society?

This messaging is so damaging and I’m going to sound like an old person, but I feel like it’s even more intense in the age of social media. How we change this is such a huge question and something I spend so much time contemplating. I think the main thing we can do within the beauty industry itself is to let big companies know that we are really tired of boring, harmful advertising that very narrowly represents bodies and true beauty. I think we sometimes forget how powerful we are when we unite and use our voices and purchasing power to demand something different. The only reason beauty companies currently use this kind of advertising is because it sells. Yet if collectively we stop buying into the beauty myths they proliferate, eventually these hate-filled tactics won’t be profitable. Of course, this will take time and huge social shifts, but I truly believe the time will come when the beauty industry as we know it doesn’t exist.

In terms of what we can do within our own mindsets, I think this is sometimes the most difficult and meaningful work. I think three main things have really helped me. Firstly, exposing myself to different body shapes and sizes away from the mainstream media via social media has really helped me redefine beauty and what “good” bodies are. Secondly, realising that pretty much everything we see as beautiful is contingent on the era that we are living in. Beauty norms have shifted so much throughout human history and will continue to do so. Why be defined by something so transient? Thirdly, having really good self-care practices in my life that have help me constantly reconnect with my body and see it for far more than what it looks like.


What you are doing is so awe-inspiring.

What or Who inspires you and why? 

You are the loveliest! I am really inspired by anyone who is fearlessly living their truth and creating things in the world that only they can. Stevie Nicks for me embodies this kind of energy. I am also really inspired by countless activists in the online body positive space who are working so hard to change the world and often face so many structural obstacles I’ve never had to deal with. I’m also endlessly inspired by the ocean, crystals, the moon and greenery.


In your life what are 5 things you are Grateful for?

  1. My incredibly beautiful house right near the beach.
  2. My mental, emotional & physical health.
  3. The amazing, conscious women I’ve met in the past year in particular.
  4. My incredible partner of nearly 11 years.
  5. The ability to do something I am so deeply passionate about every day.


What is a way that people or businesses can help support or get involved with Bopo Women?

We love connecting and collaborating with like-minded businesses and people. We also have a Bopo Women Ambassador Program for anyone with a profile who might like to help spread our message. You can get in touch at


Any advice for the other beautiful souls out there that have a positive uplifting idea or concept but may be at a loss/struggling on how to move their plans out of their heads and into reality?

You can do it. It will be imperfect. You will figure it out. If the idea won’t leave you alone and you believe that the world needs it, then I promise you the universe will rise up to make it happen as soon as you commit to it. There will never be a “right” time and you sometimes just have to take the scary plunge into the unknown to create what you really want to create.



And finally: Please finish this sentence: 

Gratitude to me is… 

A constant re-commitment to acknowledging the beauty of being alive.



You can find more about Bopo Women here: 


Instagram: @bopowomen

Facebook: Bopo Women

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Reply September 19, 2018

I just felt a wave of pure happiness wash over me while reading this. I was chatting to a friend the other day about how toxic (literally) the beauty world is. Such an inspiring brand. Will definitely check her out. :)

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