Change How You Are Jealous

Is it time to Change How You Are Jealous and Embrace your Awesome? 

The time has come in your life to Embrace your Awesome. Time let go of those limiting self sabotaging beliefs and thoughts that are stopping you from seeing and embracing your true Light. I read once that the qualities you admire and notice in people, you carry those qualities yourself. You may not be showing them in your life at the moment, but you are fully capable of obtaining those qualities. I am not sure how true this actually is, but I loved how this simple idea changed my thinking around comparing myself to others. Before I heard this said, I would look at someone and be jealous at what they had, that I would love to have, but didn’t. Then I would kick myself up about it and almost feel anger towards this completely oblivious other person who I had set in my sights. Pretty toxic. 

But when I heard this line about what you notice and want when you see others, you have the ability to obtain, it was a real game changer. Instead of looking at them with eyes green with envy, I now look at these people with hope, joy and thanks.  

An example on how I was able to change my thoughts: 

A big insecurity for me growing up was my legs as they are rather short and big. I would see girls walk past me and see their gorgeous legs and be ultra jealous. I would then feel super self-conscious in whatever I was wearing and my energy would plummet into a toxic mix of negativity. Then I started to take on the view that these girls were not my enemy and were in fact sending me a message. A message that, although my legs might not grow longer, I could still have the feelings of having legs I wanted, love and made me feel amazing/confident. This message mixed with Gratitude, has really taught me to disconnect from the negative feeling I had towards my legs, and instead I now truly love and take care of my legs. I was able to change my thinking and my attitude towards my own self-image thoughts and beliefs – a change that is still going strong over 4 years later. 

This idea can be put into many different scenarios, it does not just have to be a physical thing. Other times I have noticed this change happening has been: 

  • noticing kindness and generosity in people and wanting to be kinder/ more generous to those around me, especially those in need  – and understanding I can also show these qualities so easily if I try.  
  • Seeing people compost – there was a time I used to be jealous of people who composted, and I was almost piss-y with them because I was not doing it. (I know right?!) So I let go of this annoyance towards these people, and started composting. 

These are just two little changes I have made because of this new attitude. It was all about making changes in my thinking and in my everyday life. So now when I find myself being jealous of someone or a situation, I stop, pause and be thankful for this message I am receiving and giving me the power to make changes in my life for the better. 

So next time you find your green eyed monster rearing their head, take a breath and know that you have the power to create the life you desire. Whoever has made you feel like this, send them love and thanks. Just like that old saying goes:

“Don’t shoot the messenger!”  


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Change your thinking, Change your Life

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Gregory Pozo
Reply May 16, 2017

Outstanding post! We need to remember that everything starts with the attitude.

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