Choices From The Self Love Menu

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with the choices on a menu when you go out for a meal? You have the starters, smaller mains, bigger mains, desserts, drinks, plus sometimes there is the all you can eat magical buffet!! SO MANY CHOICES, and you need to pace yourself. There is always that one person (cough cough… Me) who goes nuts with the starters and then can barely eat the main, but somehow always finds the extra room for two slices of dessert. (that sticky date pudding always gets me!) 

These choices got me thinking about other things that have a huge variety of choices that cause me to be overwhelmed and can cause a head spin for options. There is food shopping (so many isles!), TV channels (thank god for being able to record Sex and The City at the same time while I watch The Bachelor), and then there is the choices for showing yourself self love.  

If you are like me, I love to show myself some love and nurturing each day. The thing is I am one of those people who love to learn all the different ways to do this. But here is where I get overwhelmed. I try to fit too much in, so that my Self Loving actually became a major stress: which is the exact opposite of what I was meant to be doing! So I decided to at least try make it less overwhelming and to take away the stress from all the choices. So I created the Self Love Menu!

This is like a menu at a restaurant, but instead of tasty treats, it is full of beautiful Self Love choices. It is very easy to use: all you need to do is pick something from the menu. You can choose a “starter and main” or just a “main” or something from each. Or if you are feeling very adventurous, you can always go full buffet on the menu! (#noguilt) 

So without further ado, Bon Appétit


Choices from the Self Love Menu 



– this is great shared – unlimited use


A glass of warm water with lemon 


Freshly picked beautiful flowers for your home


Compliments for a stranger


Small Main 

A 30 minute walk or slow jog 


Eat your favourite meal

– comes with a side of no guilt, and immense contentment and tastiness. 


A good Laugh – choices include: 

Option 1: Watch / read / listen to something funny 

Option 2: Hanging out with that special someone who you know will have you clutching your sides with tears running down your face within minutes. 

Option 3: A Laughing Yoga Class 


Cup of tea / coffee in a cosy nook

– option to have this by yourself or shared


Large Main 

An Epson salt luxury bath

– includes a side of gentle music and a book/magazine of your choice 


A full hour work out session

Option 1: Dance class

Option 2: HIIT Workout

Option 3: Spin Class / Bike Ride


A 60 minute (or longer) massage 

 – Perfect when paired with the 2005 Sav Facial or the 2006 Merlot Mani Pedi  


A weekend trip or road trip

– includes good tunes, fun memories and new inspiration 



Tell yourself that you love yourself, exactly as you are. 


Gratitude Journal

– comes with a side of positivity and feeling blessed



A Early Night Sleep

– featuring good dreams and cosy feelings : BYO snuggle buddy


A Sweet Treat

– literally go have dessert: We recommend the chocolate cake or the stick date pudding – with extra sauce of course!


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Reply September 27, 2017

I truely love this idea of the self love menu. Ehat a fun and clear way of putting it.
Keep the great work coming.

Reply October 12, 2017

I will be picking from the menu depending on my mood/needs of the day. It’s like medicine for a bad day! I love it.

Reply November 6, 2017

Such a fabulous idea Em!

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