Farewell With Gratitude To 2016

As we come to the time to say farewell to another year, lets take a moment to pause and reflect with Love & Gratitude; on all that 2016 had to offer. Twenty-sixteen has been one roller coaster of a year, and this is one roller coaster I must admit, I am fine with never riding again! All the mems, jokes and even a 2016 horror film really sum up how collectively we were all effected by the craziness and overall intensity of 2016 all around the world. Every where you looked there seemed something was going wrong in some way or another… it got so bad that I was half expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we had all be punked!… But unfortunately he did not. (well we do have a few more hours till 2016 ends, so he still might!) So I had to face the reality that twenty-sixteen was not a joke – however badly I wanted it to be! Now I am not saying that this year was all nightmares and ghosts of New Years Goals pasts; there was some truly beautiful moments that shone out through the year that helped kept the balance.

So instead of focusing on any of the negative, I would love to close the chapter that is 2016 with a farewell full of Gratitude and Love. 








For a quick farewell of twenty-sixteen here is a few random but positive things that happened in 2016

  • In numerology, 2016  is the number 9; which is a year of endings. We are at the end of a 9 year cycle that started back in 2007.  Twenty-sixteen has been a year of letting go and clearing out. A karmic year. (And Boy has it been all that and more!)

  • It was a leap year – so we had a lovely extra day to add to the year – But yay for the 29th February babies who got to celebrate their actual birth date this year!

  •  It was the  International Year of Pulses by the UN General Assembly (pulse =  annual legume crop

  • Snapchat users watch 6 billion videos every day!! 

  • We saw the closest ‘Full Moon’ in the 21st century – and the closest the moon has been for 70 years! 

  • The 2016 calendar is exactly the same as the 1994 calendar with days and dates, including festivals.

  • In the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the Year of Red Fire Monkey.

  • The number one thing searched on Google this year was Pokémon Go.

With our final chapter drawing to a close for twenty-sixteen, I want to take a moment to pause and be thankful. To look back and see the Light throughout 2016, all the lessons I have learnt and all the beautiful moments I will treasure forever. And I would love you all to join in with me in taking a moment to be #beautifullygrateful for this year. Let us end 2016 with Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love in our hearts and minds. To make it super simple – here is a FREE DOWNLOAD for all you GratiDudes to guide you in pausing and reflecting to farewell this year.  Download your FREE COPY here —->   Good-Bye-and-FareWell.pdf (291 downloads)



So while you are popping your champagne, watching fireworks, cuddling up to someone special; lets all join together to say thank you to twenty-sixteen for all you have taught, brought and shown us. If everyone could please raise your glass; I would like to make a toast for farewell the year that was 2016.

*raises glass*


  “We are truly beautifully grateful for another year gone. For all we have achieved, big or small. For all the little moments that will stay with us forever. Thank you for all the support and kindness we have experienced this year and for all the beauty and love we see around the world daily. We are thankful for all the beautiful souls around the globe, sharing their Light with us all and the opportunities that we ourselves get to share our Light and Joy with all around us. Thank you for our Friends, Family, Mother Nature, Our Health and Well-being, Our Freedom, our Abundance and Joys. Farewell to Twenty-Sixteen… and Welcome to Twenty-Seventeen, we know you will be Swell!… Cheers to All!”  



Love Em – The Gratitude Butterfly 

~ Be Beautifully Grateful ~

The Gratitude Butterfly
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Em is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Blogger, Writer, Speaker and Positive Living Guru. Em is passionate about inspiring people to live their life to their highest potential with a foundation in Happiness, Health and Gratitude. Join her beautiful GratiDude tribe for daily tips and inspiration. Her mission is to inspire people all over the world to live a life that is overflowing with Love, Wellbeing and Gratitude.


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