Practising Gratitude and Self Love

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Over the years since I first started practising Gratitude, one of the biggest ways I have noticed a change in my life is, that my attitude towards showing Love towards myself has spiked! And I mean majorly sky rocketed! And I want to share with you how this has happened.

Before starting my Gratitude practice, I had a real self-sabotaging attitude. I was not my own best friend, and instead had a love-hate relationship with myself. I only showed love towards myself if I did my makeup right, or I thought I looked “skinny” enough. Most of the time I was a real jerk towards myself. I would abuse my body through bad food, exercising to punish (not nourish), and would constantly be criticising my body and focusing on what I didn’t like about myself. Shopping was a nightmare and I would feel so sick standing in those change rooms. I would also self-sabotage myself in my thinking, which was rarely positive. I carried so much anger and hurt, so this would come out in my words – towards others around me and how I spoke to myself. I was stuck in a toxic cycle, and if you had spoken to me about practising self love – I would have rolled my eyes at you. 

Since I started living my life with a Grateful heart, my attitude towards self love has completely changed.

Over time I have learnt to show myself respect and care in all areas of my life. I have been able to release the anger and hurt, and now am able to be in a space of Love. When you practice Gratitude, the act of Self Love just becomes natural. You begin to see the blessings around you, and this includes the blessing that is YOU! You begin to nourish your body with healthy amazing foods, because you know your body deserves the best. You move your body, not too punish it for eating a donut, but because you love how it makes you feel. Your self talk changes from criticism and self-doubt, to an endless flow of love and kindness towards yourself.

This does not mean that negative thoughts don’t come in from time to time, but when they do, you are able to tune into why this thought is coming through. Most times these thoughts are coming from old programs we have, mostly from childhood, that are embedded into our sub-conscious minds. When we are in a space of Gratitude and Self-Love, we are able to acknowledge these thoughts, and work on neutralising and releasing them. 

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“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”


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In this video I chat about the connection between Gratitude & Self Love and how to nourish and grow this into a strong relationship that will travel with you throughout your life. 

If you have questions about Self Love and Gratitude; please let me know in the comments! 

Enjoy and let me know what you think. 

If you are needing some inspiration on what to be Grateful for, check out my post “Gratitude Inspiration” for some ideas to get those Gratitude Vibes flowing! 

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