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 Moeloco Hi there my lovely GratiDude! Here at the Gratitude Butterfly we believe that even the smallest things can have a big impact; which we call the positive butterfly effect; Which is why I am please to introduce to you all this Beautiful Soul – Kathy from Moeloco! I came across Moeloco last year, and instantly feel in love with their Thongs (Flip Flops). I love that not only do I get to walk around in these gorgeous shoes, but also knowing that through my purchase, a pair of shoes was given to a child in poverty so that they could go to school with protected feet, well that closed the deal to my heart! I know you are going to be just as inspired as me, so without further ado,

I would love you to meet Kathy from Moeloco! ♥




What is your Name, Business Name and Star Sign? 

Kathy Wong, actually I was christened Kathleen Wong but this only comes from my Dad when I’ve been bad even now at 53. 

Business name: Moeloco, Star Sign: Gemini.


Tell us a bit about You –

The Beautiful Soul behind Moeloco! 

Im a banana, Chinese heritage, born and bred in this beautiful country of Australia. I grew up on a Chinese restaurant raised by two Chinese immigrant parents. I have a degree in graphic design ran my own design branding business for 19 years, had a marketing company and a publishing business too. I love a good party, love music and keeping fit. Love trying all different cuisines, used to be a great cook and a good entertainer however these days I don’t get time to cook or entertain. Love most foods hate (arti)chokes!


What was your inspiration for wanting to create Moeloco, and what does the word Moeloco actually mean?

 Having not had my own children I have always supported charities with kids and I have a very special spot in my heat for these little people. When I learnt that there are over 300 hundred million children living in the world with out shoes and how some could not access education without having shoes and some in the worse case scenarios were dying without shoes, I just knew I had to help. Moeloco means dream crazy and it’s my dream crazy to impact on children living in poverty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Every day we see such poverty and suffering in our world, it can be overwhelming to witness and can bring to the surface the question of, “But what can little me do about it? How could I make a change?”

Do you ever feel this and what advice can you share in dealing with this? 

Absolutely. I thought at first , who am I to do this, how could I possible make a difference. I’m just a nobody. I have learnt though we can all make a difference. I became the agent of change to inspire a movement of people to rally together and its only when we do unite a difference is created. No one can do something large alone.

My advice to deal with this is lots of meditation and connection with oneself. Continually reminding yourself of you Why. This is what’s kept me going even in my darkest moments.


Tell us about Hope Foundation and their mission. 

Hope Foundation are an amazing organisation founded in Ireland by an Irishwoman, Maureen Forest. Maureen says

“ Every child deserves the right to be a child.”

Maureen was a social worker in Rwanda, when she met Mother Theresa on a plane. She was so touched by Mother Teresa she visited Kolkata and the rest is history. Fifteen years ago Maureen started this charity and since then 2 million lives have been impacted.


What you are doing is so awe-inspiring.

What or who inspires you and why?

 The children inspire me. When you can see these children so young have suffered the most horrendous tragedies you cannot even begin to fathom yet they are all so joyous your life is completely transformed. I returned from my visit to India to look at my life in such a new way. I don’t take anything for granted any more.


In your life right now, what is your top 5 things you are grateful for?                                                                                                    

1. My family

2. My friends

3. My Moeloco Community

4. My health

5. The Beach


Besides from purchasing a pair of your gorgeous thongs, (or flip flops for the Non-Australians) are there any other ways people can get involved in what you are doing at Moeloco? 

Yes, we are always looking for more supporters, especially ambassadors to spread awareness of our business and work. Love people connecting with us on our social media channels and sharing our content. We have an affiliate program where one gets paid a commission for helping us spread our message.    [Click here for more details]


Any advice for the other beautiful souls out there that have a positive uplifting idea or concept but may be at a loss/struggling on how to move their plans out of their heads and into reality? 

Be courageous, stand up and keep believing. Don’t worry if you don’t know how you can do something, keep focused on whats your objective and your why. Seek out mentors in the areas you need help, find the best people you can!

Where can people find you and Moeloco?           




Periscope: @Moelocoflipflip 




 And finally: Please finish this sentence:

Gratitude to me is…

 Everything. Without it we are nothing. ♥

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


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We just returned from India on a collaboration with another social enterprise, Nalu, where we gave shoes whilst they gave uniforms through their ngo.

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