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There are many amazing ways to live life with a grateful heart. This interview series ‘My Grateful Life’ explores the lives of people from all over the world who are incorporating an attitude of gratitude into their daily life.  We all have our own way of doing things, and practising Gratitude is no different. I have been so inspired by their stories and the tools and tricks they use for living life with a positive mindset and daily gratitude.

So without further ado, I am honoured to introduce you to…



Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hey fellow grateful humans.

My name is Tessa. I love sunflowers, Saturday mornings, red wine, lying in a hammock, and filling the house I live in with an absurd amount of plants.

I’m a paediatric occupational therapist, which is a hard job to explain but I bloody love it. I work with children in schools and at home to build the skills they need to live a happy and healthy life. I’m also studying Art Therapy in Melbourne and have been learning how to integrate this into my OT practice.

I’m originally from the country and have had my fair share of ups and downs in the past that have lead me to the way I live my life now. I now live with three beautiful girls with such kind souls in a city called Geelong. I like to paint, do yoga and basically just fluff around in my spare time. I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been now, so you picked a good time to interview me Em!


What does gratitude mean to you?

Well, for me gratitude is knowing that while it may have been a bad day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad life. Gratitude is having the ability to change how you perceive the world; having the perspective and insight to look at everything that is going well in your life/ adds meaning to your life. Even if it’s something small, and even if it didn’t happen to you first hand.

The other day I was sitting in a park with a friend and we looked over to see this girl twisting around in a hula hoop. She spun around dancing for a few minutes before stopping and handing the hoop back to the person that owned it, before she went off on her way. My friend and I realised that these two had been complete strangers and were filled with such happiness and gratitude that those kind of moments exist.. Where two strangers can interact with such a playful and kind attitude without trying to gain something from each other. To have the time, mindfulness and balance in your life to sit back and appreciate these sorts of moments- that is gratitude for me.

To appreciate the beauty that contrasts with the shitty things that can happen in our world.


Does Gratitude come easily to you? What problems/issues do you find can block you from expressing/feeling Gratitude?

It does now, but it never used to. Whether it was being a sleepy and grumpy teenager, or drinking too much at uni a few years later, I had always struggled to find the balance necessary for gratitude. I was quite sick as a kid too, and was in and out of hospital which really took its toll on me. For me, to be grateful you need a certain amount of space and time to sit back and look at your life in a positive light. And I guess that’s pretty hard to do when you’re sick or trying to get your shit together constantly. Having said that, those hard times when I was sick or struggling are what have me feeling so grateful for the life that I have now. I guess you could say I’ve come a long way since I felt like that. Surrounding myself with beautiful people, habits, and hobbies, I have been able to cultivate an attitude that allows for gratitude.

I take the train to my uni in Melbourne twice a day; something that I used to hate. But now every time I do it I see something beautiful. Whether it’s people laughing together or someone smiling at a nice text on their phone. I just notice that stuff now and I never used to.


Do you have any go-to trip or tricks to help you practise an attitude of Gratitude?

My favourite is approaching every (literally every) situation with the attitude that “I get to” rather than “I have to.”

In my last year of uni we had to do heaps of presentations (seriously could that word be more nerve racking).. And every time I was like no “you get to do this.” I would think about how lucky I was to be getting an education when so many people don’t have that privilege. And it seriously calmed me down every time, because then you view things as an experience rather than something that we’re forced to do.


Quick Quizzy

(to help us get to know you better!)


1. Are you a Morning person or a Night Owl?

This used to be sooo different only 2 years ago- but I’m definitely a morning person now. My guilty pleasure is being in bed with my cup of tea before 9, I’m a shocker.

2. What is your go to exercise style/routine?

Yoga and Pilates. Yoga is an everyday thing for me and Pilates is when I’m feeling extra soccer-mommy during that week.

3. What was the last amazing book you read that you just need to share with all of us??

Hmm The Husband’s secret by
Liane Moriarty. The core of it is about forgiveness beyond reason, it’s truly worth the read.

4. What feeds your soul and makes you happy on a daily basis?

Daily basis- my puppy “Poppy.” She’s too much, I’m so obsessed. Ahmm, bursting into laughter with my house mates and friends, having a break through with one of my children at work, listening to soul food music, annnd lunch time (the best).

5. Number one beauty tip/ what beauty products would we find in your make up bag?

Hmm my number one beauty tip would have to be soaking my hair in coconut oil overnight. It makes your hair feel that bloody good the next day but you look like a drowned rat when you go to bed.. Ahh the things we do. Beauty products in my bag are the nude make up collection, but each to their own 🙂

6. It is your last meal on earth: What do you choose? (don’t forget dessert!)

This is too hard Em!! You can’t ask this.. Okay hmmm.

I would have to say roast lamb (sorry to my vegetarian friends) orrr maybe a really nice cheese board. Followed by some raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake… (if this is going to be my last meal it’s definitely going to be a cheat meal.)

7. Where are we likely to find you on the weekend?

Hmm out for coffee on a Saturday morning would have to be my fave weekend routine. Aside from that I go to yoga, walk Poppy, or go with my friends to the beach or out for wine. At the moment work and uni is super busy but I try my hardest to not let that come into my weekend time too much.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done, that you can laugh back upon now?

Hahahaha umm the first time I flew to Queensland I took someone else’s (exact same!) suit case home with me from the airport, and it was hours before I realised that it wasn’t mine. I had to take it back on an hour taxi ride to a super distressed lady wondering where her stuff was. I felt so bad.. But that’s basically a regular occurrence in my life, I like to say that I’m building people’s characters.

9. You have a whole day to just lie on the couch (or bed) with endless popcorn, what is your go-to Binge watch pleasure?

Umm Offspring (the main character Nina is life) or Friends (can’t go wrong).

10. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? Why?

Spring. I hate to sound all voodoo but there is so much more energy in the air in spring. You get to shake off winter and put to good use all of the things you have processed during those dark cold months haha. And you know summer is coming too (sunshine and beach time) but you’re not sweating a ridiculous amount yet.

11. Best piece of advice you have been given/or learned?

Choosing one is harder than the food question!

So my all time fave:

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl.

Advice from my Dad: Nothing worth having comes easy.

Advice from me: Your mind is like a puppy. If you don’t train it, it’s shits everywhere.


To Finish please finish this sentence:

I am Beautifully Grateful for…

Kindness. And the opportunity to have a real crack at making this world a better place.



You can find more about the beautiful Tessa by heading to her:

Website: theartofinsightstudio.com

Instagram: @theartofinsight


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