Connect to your WILD SELF

Are you feeling out of balance with the world around you?  I found that even though I was connecting to my true divine higher self, I was still easily thrown off balance and was un-grounded. My reason for this was I was aligned within the divine flow, but hadn’t aligned within the natural flow of the earth.


▪▪▪ To do this, I needed to connect with my WILD SELF. ▪▪▪


Your wild self is your natural human being. Being part of the earths natural flow, being part of the eco-system. An easy way to help bring yourself into alignment with your WILD SELF, is to go outside and connect to the natural world around you. (Leave the mobile and headphones behind!).  Breathe deeply, use all your senses and in-tune yourself within the natural flow of your:

W I L D S E L F. ♡ 

For a more in-depth chat about aligning with your true Wild Self, head over to my YouTube channel and watch ‘Connect to your Wild Self’. 

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